7 Steps to Get Started with Online Freelancing

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Online Freelancing

Online freelancing is not in any way sitting behind a keyboard and hope that things will work out. If you wish to succeed as a freelancer, there are things you need to work on to be
successful in this field.
Working extra hard and having a bigger picture of why you need to venture into it will
determine your successful outcome.
Let’s look at the steps to follow:

1. Start a blog
Why a blog?
Blogging is widely known to be a way of making money through writing on the topics you love, and you are sure that your readers will benefit from it.
For you to be successful, your blog needs to have focus and purpose. A lot of blogs out there lack this, so it is equally important to sit down and come up with a concrete decision why you need to create a blog.
You earn directly through a blog by monetizing it, and that’s why it is advisable to have one.

2. Define your goals
With no clear goals on why you want to start freelancing, you’ll have a hard time getting to where you want to be.
• Is becoming your boss pushing you to become a freelancer?
• Do you want to earn an extra income apart from your 9-5 job?
• Or, do you have a different goal in mind, and you want to use freelancing as a stepping stone?
Nevertheless, of what your goal is, clarity is essential.
Take your time to analyze your goals. Having meaningful goals will propel you forward in your freelancing.

3. Find a profitable niche
Build your skills
In online freelancing, there are a lot of competitors who would charge less than you.
Consider who needs your skills first.
If you want to venture into online freelancing full-time, pick a niche that many people will be willing to pay for the service you are offering.
Finding a profitable niche requires you to take your time. As a result of this, you get a client who values quality. If your quality is top notch, you’ll get ideal clients who will value what you offer.

4. Showcase What You can Deliver (on your portfolio site) Create your brand
A portfolio website is the first impression the client will have of you in your past clients and your work style, and that’s why it is recommendable to have one.
Whether your niche is on Health, Photography, or Parenting, you cannot negate the importance of delivering high-quality articles. In addition to quality, create an online presence in a LinkedIn, a Twitter, an Instagram, or Facebook. Once you apply for jobs, you can add links to your numerous social media platforms
As a starter, it is advisable to work on opportunities that may arise. Building your portfolio is very important. Strive always to create in-depth posts.

5. Set Strategic Prices for Your Services
What are your competitors charging?
A little research comes in handy in knowing what to expect in the freelancing world. You’ll gain more experience as you continue doing what you love, and out of this, you can raise your rates.

Researches help you not to under or overcharge your clients. By doing this, you ensure that they pay on time and money will not strain you.

6. Learn How to Pitch Yourself
Craft winning proposals
Having done all of the above will not guarantee you jobs if you don’t know how to pitch. Being conversant with what you do will not land you clients if you are clueless on how to craft winning proposals.
Pitch like big boys do. Pitch like big girls do. You can only achieve this by selling your strengths and demonstrating your expertise.
Learn to turn potential clients to paying clients.

7. Kick-start Your Online Freelancing Now
Have discipline
You have your writer’s website, relevant skills, learned how to pitch and write winning
proposals, and setting up your rates what’s hindering you from starting?
Concentrate on your freelancing lest you jeopardize it; dedicating ample time is crucial.

Final thoughts
Freelancing is not a get rich scheme kind of thing. It requires consistency, hard work, and outlining of your schedules.
Being your own boss helps you to manage your time wisely, and as a result of this, you’ll be in a position to produce quality for your clients, and this means more jobs.

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  1. Hello Julius!
    I have read the material to starting a journey as a freelancer & blogger. Few lines but giving a clear picture of this journey. It’s not that simple as seeing those figures one makes out of freelancing

    I may come into conclusion Making money Online should parallel go with Passion and Love. Consistency will follow and Success will outflow. But one should not focus in money making rather than passion.

  2. Hey, Johnson.

    Thanks for commenting.

    I’ll highlight keywords from your comment.

    Passion, Love, Consistency.

    You’ve said it all. One needs the three to start earning online as a freelancer.

    Much much success!