7 Beginner Tips To Become A Super Successful Website Content Writer

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A rock star website content writer

Being a website content writer means you produce evergreen content either for your company's or client's website. To do this, you require practice. It's not a shortcut thing, and therefore if you're not confident with what to write, here are simple tips to help you become a rock start web content writer.

1. Write in a conversational language

Readers/customers are on your website to find a solution to their problems. So, they expect to find easy to understand answers that they don't need to scrutinize to grasp what you mean. Make use of inclusive pronouns such as "we". Doing this you'll keep readers close to you and let customers trust your business. Avoid using bombastic terms. You are not doing a Ph.D. thesis.

2. Avoid lengthy content

Website content should be clear and hit directly to the point. Readers/customers love shorter sentences and paragraphs. Split your content into sub-headings so scanners cannot miss the message. White spaces between paragraphs make your web page look clean. It also gives the one reading a chance to breathe.

3. Write relevant information

Do not waste your reader's time. They want to know right at the beginning if they are reading something they were searching for or clicked the wrong link. As a website content writer, you can prove this in the first sentence of your first paragraph. Drop your message immediately so they don't move on to another website. A content that's not useful doesn't worth their time.

4. Make use of keywords 

You want readers/visitors to visit that page, isn't it? Keywords can serve you. In short, keywords make customers find you easily. So to speak, every website content writer should orient himself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks. This will help your content/website rank higher in search engines, which means more traffic.

5. Tell your visitors what to do

A call to action is important. This directs your visitors towards an action e.g. purchasing your book or just clicking a link that will make them more engaged with your website. You might have succeeded to provide them with the right information, but if your information does not direct them to a specific action means it hasn't accomplished its purpose.

6. Ease their navigation

Website content writer doesn't only mean writing down powerful content. You've to organize it well. Visitors/customers are on your website to search for something. Your website content needs to be friendly enough. Each page they click should shout to them where they are. Arrange your categories. Do not forget content needs to be presentable both to the computer and mobile phone users.

7. As a website content writer, update your website regularly

Any website content should be current or at least updated frequently so that the website doesn't lose credibility. Useless or irrelevant content should be removed. If not, should be updated. Be an avid reader so you learn whatever new thing trending. That way you'll have guts to update your website regularly.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone can become a good website content writer. If you have a website (personal/business), and you want regular quality content, consider hiring a content writer!




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