Make Money Writing Online in Tanzania with These 6 Ways

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Make Money Writing Online

Make Money Writing Online!

Make money writing online with your writing skills. A good mastery of the English language is a plus! You'll be unlike what most writers in Tanzania do! They write and publish books in hard copies for sale. Before the internet, it could take months to get paid to write. However, nowadays, you can write online and get paid in a matter of seconds.

So, how can one make money writing online?

Here are 6 ways:

  1. Write for content sites 

What are content sites?

Make Money Writing Online

Content sites are websites where clients post writing jobs and look for freelance writers to take their tasks. They are not much profitable. Nevertheless, there are writers making six figures on these sites. For beginners, you can start by earning $5 per 500 words articles. However, you can increase the rate depending on the quality you deliver. The common site used by writers to make money writing online is Upwork. On the other hand, others find Fiverr and PeoplePerHour suitable. It's free to open an account and start applying for writing jobs.

2. Make Money Blogging

How do I earn money from blogging?

This is the question most people ask themselves.

Make Money Writing Online

Not all people use blogs for personal issues or as online diaries anymore. People now use blogs to make money. Thus, starting a blog and writing quality content on it regularly, will attract visitors, and once it becomes popular, you will start receiving advertising deals. That way you earn from your blog, but it all started with writing online.

3. Make Money Writing Online for Direct Clients

Here is where some writers say money is online.

Who is a direct client?Make Money Writing Online

It's a client who finds you, say, through your writing blog, or you pitch them for a writing project.

Despite the fact that, getting clients using this method requires persistence, you can make lots of income with private clients. Having a professional looking blog with quality content (Of course, create a Content Writing Services page!) will start attracting direct clients. Direct clients are website owners, small business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, etc. who need web content for their internet purposes. Usually, they pay an upfront fee, so you earn before even starting to write a single word.

4. Learn Internet Marketing

What does SEO entail?

Make Money Writing Online

SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization".  It's, therefore, the practice of making content rank higher in search engines and attract visitors.

Learn to write SEO content. SEO writers are among the highest paid writers online. If you really want to make money writing online, learn to write content that attracts traffic/visitors and that will make websites rank higher in search engines. This is kind of writers businesses are looking for. If you want to learn SEO writing, you can take plenty of available courses online.

5. Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting someone's product or service and get a commission from purchases made (Of course, at no extra cost to a buyer!)

Make Money Writing Online

Therefore, one of the ways bloggers make money online is by promoting affiliate products. You might ask your self, what's the link between affiliate products and writing? To promote affiliate programs, you'll need to write about the products or services offered. This is a passive way to constantly earn from your writing blog. Affiliate marketing has created more millionaires online than any other business.

6. Know where to find writing jobs

Make Money Writing Online

This is key for any writer hoping to make money writing online. For that reason, You need to know where to find great opportunities online. There are content mills that I talked about, where companies post their needs for writers. We are not alike. You can be successful in one bidding site and not the other. Work hard on researching! However, there are also fraudulent sites/clients online aiming at taking something for nothing. By the way, this is one of the challenges of working online.


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