Why Does Writing for Social Media Matter?

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Social media has changed the way we live. Today's world has become so interactive than it was, say, twenty years ago. People communicate simply by a few clicks of a mouse. The distance is no longer a barrier. Businesses have evolved new ways to interact with their customers and tech-preneurs have emerged more now than ever!

Social media and related technologies have influenced the writing and publishing industry as well. As more brands establish themselves online now, means more online content is in demand. Traditional ways of advertising are gone! Companies open websites, start social media pages to attract clients. Payment is done online. In fact, money is online!

Not all businesses are able to manage multiple websites and social media pages on their own. They'll need someone like you to write and post updates regularly. Here comes the rising demand for content writers.

How should brands think about social media?

Of course, most brands have found social media to be cost effective for their advertising needs. As Bill Gates correctly stated, "If your business is not online, then your business will be out of business". This is what current and future businesses are forced to be. Otherwise, the market will reject you. As writers, we are supposed to think like entrepreneurs. Some of us already have internet empires, some will establish soon. You see, writing for social media still matters to this point.

You can be a brand owner and a writer, at the same time. Here are few things your audience expect from you.

  1. Explore ideas

There is an added advantage of being a writer and a brand owner. As a brand owner, you run a business. Being a writer means you've developed strong researching skills, both online and offline. Research what other brands do! Promoting organic cookies? Event for couples getting married soon? or campaign for a new pair of sneakers? Research, research, reseeaaarch...

2. Tell strong customer stories

As a writer, your customers include your blog visitors and readers. The ones who purchase your books or take your training. I personally advocate writers to own a physical business that relates to their talent, offline. It's not bad if you diversify and own multiple businesses later. All in all, learn to tell stories. How your books or training have helped others succeed? This will attract more customers.

3. Have a Content Plan

Do you wonder why online businesses fail? One may start a website/blog today and close it in three months. There are multiple reasons, but one that stands out is lack of a plan. Remember of this simple saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"? Some run out of ideas, some do not establish physical offices and when online income dwindles, they get stressed and spread the wrong notion that writing or working and earning online is a nightmare. Learn to have a content plan. Let's say you are a lazy ass as I am! At least try to write a decent informative blog post once a week for your readers. In a month you'll have four. This will push your business.

4. Share is caring

Creativity is contagious, they say! But it becomes even more contagious when you get it out for the world to see. Most writers start their blogs and think readers/clients will fall from heaven like manna. With the mushrooming of social media, means your online business get exposure to millions of customers online. Use the power of sharing, ask your friends to share, and a friend of a friend, of course. If you are well off enough, you can break your bank account and advertise for example through Facebook ads. It works like a charm!

Ways to write effective social media copy

  1. Write as you speak 

Those you are communicating with on social media are humans. Don't behave like a super-human. Write in a way that's clear and easy to understand. Like when you are talking, you are trying to make your self clear to everyone.

2.  Use images

What if you were selling strawberries and had to create content on your Instagram page about the best strawberries in town! Along with the text, you upload a nice image like the one above? People love it when you tell your stories using images. They understand well your content, at the same time, they won't feel tired. Download high quality and eye-catching photos online, attach them along with your text. They increase sharing rates!

3. Less is more

Avoid being wordy! I personally like Twitter. The character limit there is 140. This makes Twitter writers more creative than any users of any other social media. To become a writer, talk less, read more, write more (only if it's something interesting). Will social media users bother to click continue reading on Facebook, Instagram, or click that link?

4. Take care of headlines

Journalists are good at this, hehe! Social media content with a headline (of course, a catchy one!) is more likely to get lots of shares compared to the one without a headline. Writing catchy headlines is by itself an art. A social media copy headline should have 3-5 words. More than that chases readers/clients away! The headline should give a quick picture of what the text below is all about.

5. Use actionable language

This showcases that you can! You don't have to sound like some sort of a clueless pundit! Present your self as an authority in whatever you write online and on your social media accounts. Clients love confident people. That way they will trust the service/products you are offering. We want to hear your voice in what you write. Be bold!

6. Include call-to-action


Nisaidie kushea naomba nisaidie kushea... hehe.! Unless your content is evergreen, few will share it. By the way, you won't produce that decent social media copy for the first time! Similarly, unless you ask people to share your content (spread the word), few will share it. Of course, the naggy ones who won't share at all are also in the list.

Pooh! This is binge writing! Pen down..! Today, I promised my self to write a lot. I hope this has helped you master the art of writing an effective social media copy. In fact, shifting from being a social media consumer/user to a social media entrepreneur. Having any questions? Drop 'em in comments below.


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