The Untold Story of Irfan Hafiz-The Indefatigable Writer Who Wrote Three Books Using One Finger

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Don't give up on your dreams, folks!

Many let the "fear of trying" swallow their dreams. You have always wanted to write. Many are wannabe-writers!  They just can't put your booty on that chair and write. In the next few minutes, this post will twinkle, inspire you, and change your mind.

It's funny how people assume that the disabled are miserable, while, in fact, some achieve far better than the able-bodied can begin to imagine. Today, all that I ask is, keep reading this, and it will change your life!

It's the story of the most inspiring man. Oh! Inspiring writer, Irfan Hafiz, known as the silent fighter. He truly was! I just heard of him a few days after he passed away. Sad, I didn't know him way back. I hereby share his life story and work, so, some of you who have never known him can learn.

He worked in silence, and today his success makes noise.

Irfan, the keyboard warrior, as he was referred to, was born in 1981, in Matara, Sir Lanka. He was the third child in a family of eight. His father, Hafiz Issadeen, is an editor of "Arumbu", an educational magazine. Like father, like son!

Irfan succumbed an extremely rare genetic disorder called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), which renders its victims completely disabled due to loss of muscle power.

Usually, in boys, symptoms begin at the age of four, with muscle weakness starting from the legs, later involving the arms. Most are unable to walk by the age of twelve! Things get worse when this involves muscles of respiration.

This was exactly what happened to Irfan. At the age of 12, Irfan became chair-bound, his movements restricted, and the things he wanted to do seemed almost impossible. As the disease is progressive, the muscles that aid in breathing became weak, therefore, he spent most of his time in bed.

He couldn't get in his wheelchair often, anymore! As days passed by, he became totally bedridden, since 1999. Sad!

DMD battled Irfan to the point it left a little strength only in one of his fingers.

Here is Irfan's 1-minute story as narrated by Nas Daily:

The guy next to me will make you change your mind on the term "Keyboard warrior". Because he is the real WARRIOR.

Hi, I am Irfan.

When he was 18, his entire muscle system collapsed, and he could no longer move, and for the next 19 years, he has been bedridden, in his home Sir Lanka.

But this is not a sad story. It's an inspiring one!

Despite having strength only in one finger, he taught himself to read and write English. He wrote and WROTE, AND WROTE. When he couldn't write on a laptop, he wrote on an iPhone, to publish three full books in English that sold in the thousands. One of them took one year to type.

Doctors gave him until 18 to live, but he died at 37! Living on a ventilation machine, fasting during Ramadan! The guy fought to live his life, fought to write his thoughts, and fought to make his voice heard, only through a keyboard. He should be the new definition of a keyboard warrior.

That's one minute!

Irfan's passion for writing took him to write three books. Authoring using one finger, being bedridden, and on oxygen. This guy was a beast!

Silent Struggle

As he calls it, "This is my maiden publication". He launched it in 2012. The book consists of poems written on his life struggle and that of his loved ones. On its launching ceremony, Irfan, lying on a stretcher, gave the gems that led his audience to burst into tears. This is phenomenal, just beyond words!


Moments Of Merriment

This was his second publication, in 2014. It's a child and young adult storybook. A mini-novel with 15 chapters, over 40000 words! It took him a whole year to complete typing this book, using a laptop with an on-screen keyboard.

Silent Thoughts

He published this third book, in 2016. In this book, Irfan airs his thoughts and views about life and life lessons he learned from his beloved parents. 15 topics in this book can benefit someone.

Oh! Irfan had a blog also at, how many hesitate to start a blog? Mind-blowing!

Irfan sadly lost his long battle with the disease, and passed away peacefully at the age of 37! Never take life for granted! Never complain about life!

What excuse do you still have that keeps you away from penning down your ideas? Many are waiting for your words to bless their world. They need your voice, now!





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