6 Must-follow Steps to Rewrite a Badly Written Article (And Make it Cohesive!)

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The art of writing is a natural talent for some. However, everybody can learn to write. Although, a mere ability to put two or three sentences together, doesn’t always guarantee you a well-written article. As a freelance writer you might have encountered this client’s feedback; this article is badly written, please improve quality.

This is an easy guide on how to turn a badly written article into a cohesive piece, regardless of whether you are a talented writer or you just learned this art.

For beginners, article rewriting may revolve around these four types of articles.

  • Description: highlights the quality and traits of something.
  • Explanation: logically sorts out facts, and tells readers why and how something happened in a chronological manner.
  • Definition: explains the meaning of a certain concept.
  • Argument: convinces someone about something.

But before rewriting an article, it’s important to read the article you need to rewrite. Read it. Read it again! Choose one of the four types of articles above, and use it as a framework for your rewrite. This aids in outlining and ultimately clear writing.

Once you have made up your mind, follow the below guideline to come up with a good written and cohesive article.

Specificity above all

Be specific, point out a topic you need to write. It should address your purpose and be so specific that you can use long tail keywords in your title. A good example of a topic or title is, 5 ways you can treat asthma, and not a topic or title on, all about asthma.

Have a targeted audience

knowing to which group of people you are writing to, helps you to write in their tone. Every audience has its language style. A well-written article should be able to convey its message in an easy way that its readers relate so easily too.

Watch out your word count

The most common word limit is 500 words. If you go past this, cohesiveness of your article may shake, and the possibility is you will lose readers.


Most article rewriters focus on adding creativity to a badly written article. But the fact is, you have to do a deeper research on the topic and come up with more results that will back up the article you need to rewrite.

Start with a draft

You are allowed to write a rough draft. This is a summary that gives you a rough picture of how you should construct your article.

Edit and wind up your article

Check for grammatical and spelling errors, how organized your ideas are, rephrase sentences, and delete some if necessary, check for plagiarism, and you are done.

It’s true that writers have different styles of writing when it comes to creative writing. The above tips will give you guidance on how to go about article rewriting when you feel you are lost and do not know where to start.

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