Beginner Bloggers Ask-What’s an Ideal Length of a Blog Post?

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Here’s the debate about how long should an ideal blog post be.

Is it in 400 words? Are 1000 words too much? How many words then?

Let’s chew it:

Write 400-600 words blog posts.

First, despite your blog post length, always write high quality, well researched, and articulated articles.

400-600 words Vs. 1000+ words article length.

Now, getting down to the business, articles between 400-600 words yield better results in terms of readers engagement/views, shares, click-through, etc. Am I saying you shouldn’t write 1000+ words articles? No! You should (in special cases for special reasons). I’ll talk about it in one of my coming blog posts.

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400-600 words are enough to carry the essential information you want to deliver to your readers. People look for quality, not quantity! Ten 400 words articles may perform well in terms of traffic comparing to a 4000 words article. This is true at the moment I am writing this, and will be true five years to come.

As a writer, understanding the reading habits of today’s internet users is very important. Is your blog post capable of alluring even the scanners? If yes, you’re good to go.

Why quality wins over quantity.

In the today’s internet era, search engine users want relevant information. And they want it now! Imagine smartphone users, will they keep scrolling your whatever 1000+ words thing? So, what content can immediately be seen from the screen counts! Not everyone reads from their computer.

An average internet user won’t scroll through 1000+ words (maybe if it’s the best article ever written).  But 400-600 words fit most internet users, who will scan through to find the relevance of the information and it fits also most devices.

Here’s the trick.

If readers find what you write is pure gold, relevant, and of high quality, it’s easier to entice them with more information. Be it directing them to a link, your YouTube video, newsletter, eBooks, Course, etc. because they trust you. You go beyond their expectations. That way they will download your eBook, or join your training, and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Final thoughts.

Downsizing your blog posts doesn’t mean reducing their quality. It means you know what readers are looking for and what to discard and still deliver your ideas in a more refined way.

Quantity doesn’t matter and it is probably one of the things holding you back. Give quality a try! What do you think is an ideal blog post length? I’d be glad to hear from you.



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