Beginner Bloggers-What’s the Name of Your Blog? (And How I Chose Mine)

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Choosing your blog’s name (domain name) is of great importance. Your readers/visitors do not have a physical place to find you. It’s through a name that they have to click or type on Google to reach you like any other online business.

What’s the good name for a blog?

Now, this is subjective. Users will always remain clueless about what you blog until they land on one of your blog’s page. For example, for someone who has never heard of wallmart, how will he know it’s a retail website? The choice of domain name determines your business success rate and it’s what makes you stand out in a crowd of online business owners.

Today, thinking of a domain name needs a bit of creativity as compared to some years back. Bloggers and online entrepreneurs could just find a collective name of what’s found in their blogs and use it as a domain name. However, collective names like business, money, books, etc. are hard to find now.

Names for blogs

When deciding on the name of your blog, my advice is always to go for a .com domain extension. Why? It’s an internationally recognized domain extension that most online businesses use. You can also register your blog’s name in other domain extensions like .net, .biz,,, etc. to avoid others stealing your blog’s traffic as it’s still available for registration in other extensions except for the one you’re using.

Personally, I’ve two domains. and It’s just recently that I decided to move into a brand name Though is still available! In fact, collective names do not necessarily give your blog an online authority you imagine. All in all, your blog’s name (domain name) needs to be short, simple, and easy to read/pronounce, spell and understand.

Having difficulties picking your blog’s name? Be creative!

I understand the situation. You’re trying to give a name to something that isn’t there yet! You haven’t even figured out its content. But one thing that I’m sure of is, you’ve already figured how helpful your blog is going to be to its readers/visitors. Now, you can use that as your blog’s/domain name.

In Tanzania, there was no single vibrant online community of writers who use English as the first language in their blogs. This is what made me start My Writers Bureau. I wanted to help Tanzanian writers find their confidence and voice. The synonym for the bureau is an office!

Another way of choosing your domain name is by using your creative imagination. Make a list of keywords that relate to what you intend to blog about, try to connect them and see if you have something sensible. When I was registering my blog’s name years back, weird names were suggested, with dashes, numbers, and everything. I just stretched my imagination to come up with this.

Final words

Business success (especially online) depends greatly on marketing skills. Great marketing skills can sell mediocre services. But never expect poor marketing skills to drive sales of great products. To learn more about what works and what doesn’t hang in here.

If you are already a blogger or an online business owner, what made you choose that blog’s name? For beginner bloggers, what difficulties do you face in coming up with the name of that brand new blog?

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