How to Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines (And that Marry your Content)

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You are probably unaware of the thin line between success and failure in content marketing. “Headlines” is part and parcel of content marketing strategy. You can write high-quality content, but if your “headlines” suck, readers may assume all of your content is crap.

Most writers and bloggers spend more time tweaking the bodies of their articles less do they know how powerful “headlines” are in their business. In fact, to create attention-grabbing “headlines” takes guts.

To create “headlines” that convert takes not only thought, time, and effort but also 'feelings' to do it just right!

The intention of your “headlines”

First, it should be to get people to click on your posts. Second, to get them to read your stuff. If you don’t get your headline right, they won’t read any further. You have three seconds to impress readers to stay on your page. To be honest, this is not a lot of time. Only a powerful headline can do that.

In case you are still in doubt why a powerful headline is that important, it’s because your headline is the first and foremost thing people see before they start reading what you have shared. The headline should give readers in a nutshell what that you want to express in your content, and how helpful it is to them.

Remember, if your headline doesn’t hook up readers in less than three seconds, they will turn away from your content to someone's else and make you look dumb. The question is: if that’s what they do in every post you share, how are you going to build a lasting relationship with them? (No hard feelings, though!)

How to win their souls...

There are many ways to do this. Your headlines need to be compelling and match to their needs and experiences. Make them entertaining and yet meaningful.

But how can you do this with such word limit?

Practice writing effective headlines. However, you shouldn’t think writing powerful headlines is a piece of burger. It gives nerve ache to master this.

How to steal their attention again, and again!

You do not write an effective headline once, and that’s it. Make it your addiction. Write effective, alluring, and compelling headlines whenever you write something for your readers. If you feel you’re struggling at this, interact with people, things, and places (mostly people). Find what interests them and what bothers them.

You’ll be amazed at how easy “headlines” ideas pop up in your mind. That way, you satisfy their needs, and at the same time satisfy yours.

Final thoughts

“Headline” is what separates success from failure in your content writing. Crafting headline needs the same efforts you put when you write that block of content. Otherwise, your content will look like an old and abandoned building.

Practice writing compelling headlines as hard as you can until you can write them while sleeping.




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