5 Tips to Help You Create a Blog and Publish your First Post over the Weekend (Beginners’ Guide)

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Two blogs are created each second. That makes 172,800 blogs a day. With the mushrooming number of blogs, and bloggers, should you bother starting one?

The answer is, yes.

Blogging builds up your influence and attracts customers to your business. I understand the challenges of embarking on a new experience, “creating a blog on your own”. Here are 5 tips to take you through the process smoothly.

Tip #1

Decide on the name of your blog

To make this initial step sound decent, focus on your area of interest. What’s the interesting thing you have met in life so far? What are your wants? What are you best at? You can come up with a suitable name for your blog out of these simple things.

Tip #2

Take your blog on the web

I assume you already have your blog’s name. Now it’s an ideal time to launch your blog on the internet. This step makes you think you need expert knowledge. But you needn’t. To get your blog up and running you need a hosting account. I will show you how to get one in a moment.

Tip #3

Start customizing your blog

To do this you need to login to your blog using a username and password sent to you by the company hosting your blog. There are 17 settings each blog needs, including setup, beautify, and security settings. Fortunately, I can do these for you. What a lucky!

Tip #4

Write, publish, and share your first post

Exciting, isn’t it? To start publishing your first post, you’ll simply need to hit on “Add new post”. You are now on the content manager screen, enter your title in the box above, and start writing your blog post in the box below. Another way to do this is to write your post offline say on a Microsoft Word and copy-paste it on your blog’s content manager.

Add image(s) on your post by tapping on “upload media”, select a photo from your blog’s media library or from your computer. You can tweak it the way you like.

Tip #5

Promote your blog

starting a blog, and writing your first post is just a meter in a thousand kilometer journey. You need to share your post with the world to start getting readers, followers, and fans of your blog. With social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. this step is much easier now than ever.

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  1. What is such a good advice! I sent you request to your free online training, on your blog but I did not get any reply I wonder why. Please check your email inbox let me know if you have received them!!

  2. Hi Godwin,

    What a pleasure to see you here! Thanks for commenting. It’s up to you now to put that advice into actions and start living your dream.

    Regarding my free training, sorry for the experience you had. Can you please send an email to juliuskessy45617@gmail.com? I’ll enroll you to the training right away.

    Otherwise, hang in there, enjoy My Writers Bureau stuff.