3 Techniques To Speed Up Your Article Writing

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Like a fast bike pon di road, roo-room, roo-room, you can supercharge your writing speed, and become a prolific writer. You may have impeccable grammar and you may be writing regularly, but if you are staying on that page writing for hours, it makes you sound like a non-productive writer who lacks focus.

American Author, Stephen King whose books have sold more than 350 million copies, writes every day, no weekends! Isaac Asimov that professor of Biochemistry at Boston University who wrote and edited more than 500 books, used to write every day of his life, he just cannot “not” write!

If your writing speed is like a garden snail (the world’s slowest moving animal), you’re at the right place. Here are three techniques to create an easy writing behavior and produce more work.

1) Set Your Pace

Be goal-oriented! Set a number of articles you want to write a day or in a week. Aim at fulfilling that goal. A nice and achievable goal for a full time and experienced writer is 100 articles per week. That’s 20 articles per day. You are not writing a PhD thesis, or a long work of literature. I am talking of short and simple articles like this. Put everything aside and focus your mind in writing. If there are too many distractions on your way, try setting a timer. Your writing speed will become awesomely awesome.

2) Your Article Skeleton Matters

Lying down the anatomy of your article helps speed up the process. Say you take 30 minutes to write an article such as this! You can set the first 15 minutes to do a quick research, 3 main points and 3 sub-points are enough. Use it as your article outline. Then spend the remaining 15 minutes to write. Don’t doubt, just freely write. Setting a timer helps you become more focused. In less than 15 minutes, you will find yourself at the finishing line and have time to edit and proofread.

3) Practice, practice, practice

Once you have your way of writing in place, practice it for a week, ideally 21 days for it to stick. You will find it very simple at your hands, flowing naturally. You won’t even think while writing. This will save your time, keep you away from time wasters and jet speed your writing.

Remember, you simply have three techniques; pace, skeleton, and practice. They will simplify your life as a writer. When you delve into other kinds of writing you can apply similar techniques or invent your own to make your writing much easier. I wrote this article in less than 30 minutes. Yes! I am not a snail. But I put on my music, I must confess.

What techniques do you use to speed up your writing process? Share with and others in the comments so we benefit from you also.

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  1. Thanks Julius for the info. This article talks directly to me. I am so slow. I take long in researching. I do both article and academic writing.

  2. Hi Sam! Thanks for commenting. Writing fast comes with practice. At first, I was slow also. But practice makes perfect! I wrote the above article in 30 minutes. Researching is a key to writing quick. Give your self 21 days practising the above lesson, and you’ll be amazed with the results you’ll get. I wish you success.