5 Actionable Ways to Become a Better Blogger

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Blogging, whether personal or for business is a great way to spread ideas, share your business and products/services. It is a crucial tool for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.

Blogging makes your clients and potential clients get to know you and have faith in ideas or products you share. With blogging, you regularly contact your audience and get personally attached to them.

How can one become a better blogger?

1) Write quality content

What you write should be helpful to your readers. If your content sucks, chances are, you will lose readers. But if you write quality content that’s shareable, more people will read, notice your voice and share it with others, meaning more visitors to your blog.


See American writer and blogger, Matt Hayden sharing my previous post. You can read it here



2) Just be yourself

You write for a blog, not to an academic journal and therefore write in a less formal tone like how you talk to your friends. That way, you’ll get into the hearts of your readers and your message will sink in them. They’ll later want to buy what you offer them because they know your true self.

3) Present yourself as an expert

Before writing, spend the time to conduct a thorough research and write well-researched articles. This will help you establish an authority around your niche. The confidence in what you know will make you win the trust of your readers and make them want your services and be ready to share your ideas with others.

4) Network

It’s said your network is your net worth. There are two ways you can network as a blogger, online and offline. With online networking, readers find you through search engines or links, read what you write and stick to what is helpful to them. You can keep this relationship by delivering quality content, always! You can also write guest posts and pitch them to other bloggers. With offline networking, you could attend conferences, meet strangers and introduce yourself and what you do. Do not forget to carry your business cards.

5) Take advantage of search engines

Search engines love fresh content. Update your blog with fresh content regularly, search engines will index your blog, so you get search traffic. Share your blog on social media, blog directories, and forums. This increases your search engine ranking which means more visitors to your blog.

Are you ready to take a challenge to become a better blogger? The truth is if you want to become a better blogger, start treating blogging as your career. Here is your lucky pill, my book called Blogging Geek. Leave your comment and let's discuss more on blogging.

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