5 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile That Lands You Clients

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My experience when I first joined LinkedIn:


I joined LinkedIn for the first time in 2015. This was 13 years after it was founded in 2002. If one has to look for a professional networking platform, I will not mention Facebook, neither will I mention Twitter. LinkedIn is a gold mine where professionals are mined (of course, not gold!). Thanks to Jeff Weiner.

At first, I had no clue regarding the effective use of LinkedIn. I only opened my account, connected with few people that I knew and closed it. I didn’t care about adding other people to my network or accept their invitations. I was totally blind to see the potential of this social networking.

I went on with this routine until I came to notice that LinkedIn is actually a hunting ground for job seekers. People are on LinkedIn to look for job opportunities, and industry professionals are on LinkedIn to network and discuss hot issues with experts from other industries, (and probably secure new roles along the way). Its features make it an ideal network that one can conduct a job search on.


What holds you back from landing your dream job on LinkedIn?


Most people are dumb like I was 3 years ago. They simply sign up to LinkedIn, upload headshots to their profiles, fill academic and employment sections, and then they relax thinking that is enough to tempt CEOs and recruiters to hire them. It’s good, “for a dating site”! But not LinkedIn.

The secret is, landing your dream job on LinkedIn starts with your profile. Your LinkedIn profile defines who you are and therefore it needs to stand out, always, among other millions of job seekers on the platform. The number of times your LinkedIn profile appears in searches and is viewed depends on the “right keyword use” and “how skillfully it’s written”. If you are an excellent writer, you can do this. If you are not, then you’ll need to hire someone.


See this email that I received from LinkedIn, for the past 90 days, my profile has been viewed 68 times!



Steps that make a killer LinkedIn profile:


Upload a captivating headshot:

Make sure to upload a real picture of yourself. It clears doubts and clients will see your account genuine. Be sure the profile photo exposes well your face. You can smile if you wish. This creates a good rapport with clients even before they contact you.

Write a super professional overview:

Here is where you start marketing yourself. Tell clients what you can do. Write in a confident tone to steal recruiters’ attention. Make it sound active. One important caution is, do not copy other’s overview. Instead, write yours. Your overview should be 100% original, grammatically correct and without spelling errors. Make use of right keywords. You can conduct a search and look for "search engine optimized keywords" you can use to automatically make it easier for your LinkedIn profile to appear first when big bosses search for someone to hire.

Regularly update your personal information:

Do not fill your personal details like education background, employment details, etc. and keep them stagnant. You should update every new skill or job experience you’ve acquired along with your old information. Treat your LinkedIn profile as your digital CV. Always put fresh information at the top. Remember, search engines love fresh content, so do LinkedIn or any other site. When recruiters search for you, it’s likely that your recent information will show up first. This goes along with sending and accepting invitations. It improves your profile visibility.

Your online information and your goals should be relevant:

Do not think clients search for you on LinkedIn, and then end there. Before they contact you and conduct with you an interview, they make a further search “about you” on the internet and other social media. Some people have been desperately looking for jobs on LinkedIn without being hired. This “digital dirt” is what puts them in a disadvantageous side. Clients never hire someone whose goals stated on LinkedIn are not supported by the information they find about him on the internet. How can you deal with it? I’ll tell you in number 5 below. Read on...

Publish positive aspects of your professional life:

Defending yourself against negative information about you on the internet may cost you time and money. The same formula applies, search engines tend to love the new info. Regularly publish positive stories about you, starting on LinkedIn. Eventually, the bad information will get burned down.


Look how I got invitations to work with these two clients.


Final words:

It’s really disgusting to see young people “with poorly crafted LinkedIn profiles” walking from office to office in towns searching for jobs. In today’s modern world, social networking sites like LinkedIn are the right places to look for jobs. Most of these are online jobs that you can work on from wherever you want (even from home!) and make a legitimate income online to pay bills and feed your stomach.

Does your LinkedIn profile look professional to attract potential clients? Share with me your tips and tricks in the comments below. That's how writers learn! In case you have a question do not hesitate to ask, I’ll be glad to answer you to the best of my knowledge. Otherwise, I wish you the best in your job search.

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