Data Entry-A Simple Way to Work and Make Money Online

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Are you a skilled typist? Did you know you can make passive income online with this skill? One of the ideal ways you can monetize this skill is by doing data entry, and earn extra income online working from home.

What does Data Entry Entail?

According to Business Dictionary, data entry is “the direct input of data in the appropriate data fields of a database, through the use of a human data-input device such as a keyboard, mouse, stylus or touch screen, or through speech recognition software”. Therefore, to anyone who pursues data entry as his online career, computer basics such as word, excel, computer apps like EpiData Entry need to be at the fingertips.

How do you get started?

First, make sure you’ve proficient typing skills 

That way, you’ll be confident to take a lot of projects and complete them within the agreed time and catapult your income. If you’re a lazy typist like me, you’ll need to increase your typing speed and accuracy first before taking projects. You can do this by using soft wares available or taking a data entry course online, for free.

Second, apply for data entry jobs 

These are found in online marketplaces such as UpworkFiverr and others. You simply open your freelancer account (freely) on these platforms and get started. You can have direct clients as well. But this takes time and hard work.

Third, build on your experience 

Every data entry worker you meet on the internet had no job at some point. Data entry pays peanuts if you’re starting out. You may earn $3 per hour. Some guys are paid slightly higher, $7 per hour. Most people think data entry is a crowded field but there are a lot of folks who earn big in freelancing websites doing data entry. With experience, you can build a killer portfolio and start attracting clients with big projects.

Fourth, ask for recommendations 

After you’re sure that you can take clients’ works and deliver something they can adore, you may ask others to recommend you, whether online or to physical companies. This depends on your interest. You can also share your freelancer accounts to let clients know what you’re dealing with.

Fifth, hard work and perseverance

Just like other freelance jobs such as writing, I do not guarantee you to get your first job online in the first week as a data entry worker. Buy time. The scramble for jobs in data entry is not as fierce as in other fields. Once you get your first client, make sure you do an awesome job, so he leaves you a five-star feedback. That way, clients will start seeing you as a professional and will be willing to pay whatever amount you ask.

Final words

I call data entry a simple task that anyone can do. It’s a freelance career with a lot of free time (when not working). If you’re employed, you can still do data entry as part-time. Data entry job needs little or no investment. You simply need a computer, a good internet connection, some computer basics know-how, and typing skills. Once you have these, you can get started, anytime.  Take this opportunity today, and start treating data entry as your online business. In no time you’ll be fascinated with how lucrative data entry is. Do you have a question to ask or an idea to share? Your comments are welcome. Otherwise, I wish you success.

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  1. This is interesting. Have always wanted to engage in data entry as a side business, but have never actually found the right platform.

  2. Hi Mary! I’m glad that you’re interested with Data Entry. You can actually make a serious business out of it. I therefore argue you to stop wishing and start doing. I recommend Upwork, it’s a great platform to start with. But if you’re not confident enough, you can ask someone who is experienced with data entry to outsource some easy tasks to you until you get what it takes to be a Data Entry guru.