Beginners’ Guide-5 Easy Steps to Start an Online Shop in 7 Days or Less

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Everyone who works online has something to offer, whether freely or for a fee. Writers aren’t an exception. We offer a wide range of products/services, be it eBooks, training, e-guides, etc. With the evolving pace of technology, it’s obvious that getting customers is much easier than it could ever be. Customers are everywhere on the internet, and with the available cheapest tools, building your online shop is easiest.

If you want to own something that you’ve freedom with, I’d advise you to start your own online store. Today, Amazon is the household name. No one can predict the future! Maybe yours is next.

If you’ve been looking for a guide to get you started with selling products online, then you have landed on the right page. Stay, and keep reading. In a moment, I’ll take you through the steps you need to own your online marketplace in seven days or less.

Step 01: Know what product to sell

Remember, you’re giving yourself seven days only. You don’t need to get it right! By the way, one can be right only once, and failing is learning. Therefore, understand that you’re going to get things started in something basic. You’ll, later on, improve and develop into the likes of Amazon, eBay, etc.

The first question to ask yourself is, what product are you planning to sell? This should be something you believe in. Remember, first impression matters, and this is a product that will determine who are your die-hard customers and who are not. At this stage, your platform needs basic features such as a product itself (it will need an image, if it’s a book and a short description of it), your brand name, a domain and a hosting account (if you don’t have a domain and hosting account, check for one here), an e-commerce platform, a plan to fulfill orders and content and marketing techniques.

Step 02: Building your Store

At this step, I assume you already know the niche of your store, what stuff it will contain. The next step is to get your site up and running. Its homepage should reflect your brand. Once customers visit your site, something should click in their minds, and know exactly what you sell.

There are two options. Build your store from scratch, and later improve. This is going to be hard but its future is rewarding. The second option is to use the available store builders to build yours. This option is for someone like you who gets started. You may choose to taste the experience of those and later decide to have something of your own.

The best option is to go for software like WooCommerce which you can integrate into your WordPress site, just like mine.

Step 03: Handling your store

In the beginning, create something that is manageable. But you should keep in mind that the site should be flexible to allow a room for innovation and expansion in the future.

You also need to know that, managing an online store isn’t an easy task. Most people escape the part of keeping products in their store. Instead, they link customers direct to manufacturers or companies. You can also do that! Find a company or a manufacturer who’s flexible to allow you to use your own brand.

Step 04: Learn about content strategy

Content creation for your online store is the key to attract customers. For the whole first year after launching your platform, have a clear schedule of updating content to your blog. If necessary, hire freelance writers and copywriters to give you quality content and results you adore.

However, my advice is, be strategic also in investing in your budget. Invest only at times that content investment gives you profits. Make your product description stand out. Do not just copy paste from the manufacturer or other merchants. Write 100% original descriptions. That way, Google will rank higher your site, and this means more customers, more earnings.

Step 05: Spread the word

You do not create an online store and in a week expect customers to flood it. No! It doesn’t work like that. Building an online authority isn’t that easy. You need to work, and with proper strategies, I guarantee you success. So, you can use;

Social Media

While others look for socializing, you can take the advantage. One thing to understand is, in social media is all about giving more than receiving. Help people in whatever disturbs them, give the best options for their businesses, suggest to them success techniques, and at the end offer to them your services/products. They will buy, I bet since they already trust you.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement

This might be hard in the beginning. I wouldn’t advise especially if your budget sucks. As a new website owner, your site may not get indexed that early in search engines, so you may want to give yourself a pat on the back.

Networking and joining the big leagues

This is another way to get noticed. Network with successful bloggers; let them know what you do. You may pitch them a post and provide a link to your blog.

It’s pretty easy to get your online store up and running in seven days or less. But it takes guts to see it surviving the competitive web world. There is a lot of hustling behind the scenes of most of today’s stores with household names. It takes hard work, perseverance and work discipline.

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