10 High-Quality Websites to Launch your Freelance Writing Business in 2018

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There are people who write. There are those who wish to write (want to be writers). Then, there are folks who used to write and they are now burnt out. Most people take writing lightly, even those who write, do not know that they can turn writing into a lucrative business.

There are two ways you can do this. Start a blog, write great content in it, get orders from clients, or create an account in freelancing websites and apply for writing jobs, or you can do both. Own a blog and create freelance accounts on such platforms. So, you will have Direct Clients (DCs) from your blog and clients from the sites you’re applying for jobs.

In this post, I outline 10 totally legitimate websites you can launch your content writing business and start making money online, working from home.

Upwork; this is a goldmine for most writers. There are business people and companies there looking for content writers who write quality content. If you’ve excellent writing skills, you can sign up on Upwork and start earning. You can be paid hourly, say $40 per hour, some are paid higher than that, or you can get paid as a fixed price. Some writers earn up to $50 per 500 words. Even more.

Fiverr; Fiverr is great if you’re starting out with freelance writing. In there, you get a mix of different clients and you can write for different categories that you feel you’re competent to deliver. The minimum you can get paid is $5 per gig. You can post multiple gigs, ranging from blog articles, eBooks, sales copy, etc.

LinkedIn; of all the social media, LinkedIn is a leader in networking professionals from different backgrounds. Therein, you find business owners, CEOs, companies, and individuals who constantly look for content writers or someone to consult. LinkedIn has a “searching” feature that anyone can search for an expert. You’ll need to optimize your LinkedIn profile with something like “Freelance writer” or “Content marketer” so you get noticed.

Constant content; this site is as amazing as its clients. You’ll find a diverse of writing assignments. You can even submit a pre-written fresh content and make money. You are free to write blog articles, sales pages, press releases, etc.

Copify; if you are looking to start your freelance writing business in a painless and easy platform, then join Copify. They brief freelancers on every project posted and once you apply for a project, you get replied back within 48 hours. In Copify, it’s not a must to sign up for long-term projects.

Content writers; you can sign up for contentwriters.com. and start making money as a writer or a proofreader or an editor. The site has clients from different backgrounds health, food, travel, business, relationship, dental, etc.

Writeraccess; in writeraccess, you can offer multiple services, from writing, editing, translating or even create a content strategy for clients if that suits you. You can make any amount of money you want. It only takes your hard work and persistence.

Writology; in Writology, you create your profile and start bidding for jobs. In this platform, you can have a direct communication with a client. They also have their own editors that you can contact to make sure you deliver top-notch content to your clients. Join Writology today and start earning.

Freelancer; freelancer.com used to be a popular freelancing website. But it’s now flooded with unfaithful clients. Though, there are writers who still earn from it. What works for them might not work for you, but you can try it. It has thousands of writing jobs. You just bid and negotiate to price with the client.

iWriter; with iWriter you need to be an expert. Recently, there have been a lot of complaints from freelancers about the site. Some saying it’s sold. Most freelancer accounts were closed with no satisfactory explanations. But still, there are folks who make up to $80 per 500 words in iWriter. In there, you work at your own pace. No time constraints. You simply pick the category you are knowledgeable about.

You can now go on and open your freelancing account in any of the above platforms and let me know in the comments below.

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