Top 10 Online Jobs College Students and Fresh Graduates Can Do From Home

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Many college students have talents that can be monetized. Sadly, most of them end up broken and desperately look for jobs. You can attain wealth anytime nowadays. Even when schooling! You don’t need to wait until you graduate so you can make a six-figure income. Part-time online works, if you’re still in school can help you earn extra income with no or little investments. These jobs are even more rewarding if you work full time (for graduates).

These are online businesses that can make you a successful entrepreneur who just works from home. Even if you are an employee, you can do this part-time. Most of the employees end up quitting their jobs to do online work full time. In this post, I discuss some brilliant online business ideas that anyone can undertake depending on your knowledge, skills, expertise, and talent.

You needn’t complex preparations. You can start a small business online, using your home or hostel room as your office and later expand. You need simple things like a computer, a phone and of course, a good internet connection.

Let’s now take a look at these online jobs, one by one.

1) Social Media Professional

Many small-scale businesses look for this service. You can offer promotional and marketing services for these businesses from your home office. You can work as a freelancer, being an admin for their social media accounts and pages like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Manage their groups and applying strategic methods to manage their posts, content and even grow their social media fans.

2) Offer freelance services and make money from home

A freelancer is someone who is hired and gets paid for the services he or she offers. You can provide freelance services to different companies. Platforms like,,, etc. contain a lot of these projects. It depends on the skills that a freelancer has. You simply register on these sites, for free and apply for jobs. Such jobs include website designing, virtual assistant jobs, translating, editing and proofreading, graphic designing, video editing, article writing, data entry, and much more.

3) Launch your YouTube channel

You wonder everyone has or starts a youtube channel? Yes, it’s profitable. It’s easy, you simply need a Gmail account, start your online TV and post videos for free. You can be posting entertainment videos, tutorials, videos about relationships, religion, gadgets, latest news, etc. They are very profitable. How? I’m sure you have seen advertisements on youtube videos. Now, youtube receives about a billion monthly visitors. If your videos are really interesting and you’re using youtube AdSense, for every visitor that clicks to watch your video, you get paid for that. There are plenty of online courses that can train you to become a competent youtube channel owner.

4) Make Money Blogging

This is what I’m doing. I’m writing this post from my room! You can make cool money from blogs, either by affiliate marketing or Google AdSense. If you haven’t started a blog, start one. Then, post quality content that guarantees you lots of shares. Once your blog receives a huge number of visitors, it’s the right time to monetize it. You can actually change your blog into a business. Google AdSense is the commonest way to make your blog a source of income. You can sign up for Google AdSense and create your AdSense account. AdSense let you display ads that are relevant to your blog’s content and once visitors click to view these ads, you earn money. You can also sign up for different affiliate programs depending on the niche you are blogging about, and promote services and products of different companies. Once your visitors click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you earn a commission.

5) Online lectures/tutorials and Coaching 

This is one of the best part time online jobs. If you are the best at teaching, if you have excelled in academics or you can present your expertise in a simple way that others can understand, then you can become an online tutor and make money by offering online classes through video calling or even a youtube channel. You can also work as an online trainer, creating online courses that others will pay to join. If you have a working knowledge of a specific subject, you can write eBooks and sell them along with your courses.

6) Article writing

This is what I’m doing also. If you possess excellent writing skills and impeccable grammar, you can become a freelance content writer and offer different writing services from web content, blog posts, social media posts, articles, email contents, etc. at a fee. This is one of the most popular ways writers make money online. You can sign up as an article writer in different freelancing sites, create a killer profile and bid for writing jobs. You can also optimize your social media profile, makes them define you as a professional writer, trust me, you will start receiving messages from clients in need of writing services.

7) Online editing and proofreading services

The two are important in every serious write-up. If you have an eagle eye and you can grab obvious and little-seen mistakes from contents then this job is fit for you. You only need the understanding of the specific language, its grammar, and structure.

8) Online Translating services 

Here you need the understanding of different languages. Different documents need to be translated. You can register yourself in top freelancing sites as a translator and earn a decent income from this.

9) Start an e-commerce business

This involves selling products and services online. Sometimes you don’t need to have a physical product. You simply collect your favorite products from a wholesaler and sell them on sites like eBay and Amazon at a higher price. You can also ship your products to Amazon and it will ship and sell them to your targeted customers. If you are creative and can make amazing products like toys, handicrafts, and jewelry, then a site like Etsy is for you.

10)  Online Graphic designing services

Are you creative enough to make some alluring posters or banners for websites? You can design logos for companies or design business cards for startups and make passive income online, doing what you love!

Which of the above job (s) do you think you are capable to offer online? I’m sure by reading this post, you have found one. So, what’s stopping you from offering to the world your amazing talent? Share with me your fears in the comments box.

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