Interview with Denis Meshack, Winner of 2017 Engineering Essay Competition

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Question 01: Please introduce yourself.

My name is Denis Meshack. I am a very energetic and organized person. This is why am into this wonderful and great interview. Academically, I am a science student at the School of St. Jude located in Arusha, Tanzania with a vision of becoming an effective Engineer. I am also a self-made Writer and I do have my passion for Writing. Just to let fellow students and learners know, there is a great treasure in Writing if you really want to travel under global development trajectories. Thank you for your attention! Thank you My Writers Bureau for this great opportunity. Be blessed!

Question 02: How did you know about Engineering Essay competition?

Well, I just got to know about this competition through visiting My Writers Bureau and thereafter my former English Teacher in O-Level (Mr. Mbawala) simply announced about the particular essay during Assembly and introduced to us its Theme which states that “When I become an Engineer”. Given this lineup, I thereafter prepared some time to work on it, I just put at most 4-hours a day to write this essay from the day it was announced until the deadline date.

Question 03: What motivated you to participate in a particular essay competition?

Truly stated, “I like writing”. On the same note, one among the things that motivated me to participate in this essay competition is its core idea of preparing and giving out a chance to secondary students across Tanzania with ambitions of becoming great Engineers to air out their views and the plans they will need to implement so that they can foster Engineering in Tanzania. Subsequently, this gives out a way forward to Tanzania's prosperity as we are leapfrogging into Industrialization thrust.

Question 04: How can you relate it to your field of study, work, or community in general?

To date, I am passionate about becoming a Great Engineer. In the same token, through this essay, I got a chance to explore more about Engineering and to at least understand on how it takes to become a competitive and an effective Engineer.  Meanwhile, on the focus through a broad lens, I can relate it with my community as I examined the problems and challenges which arise as a result of ineffective Engineering. These problems include Poor transportation infrastructures, Energy systems, and Housing, to mention but a few.

Question 05: Tell us what you gained from participating in that Essay Competition?

The most important thing that I gained through participating in this essay competition is an increase in personal confidence regarding my writing skills. Just imagine yourself falling in love with doing some kind of stuff and you find that you never get to hear the feedback of your actions i.e. whether you are good at it or not; this will eventually pull you down from doing it again. The same applies to me that I become motivated and confident about my writing skills. In the same light, this goes together with cash prices, strong certificates and expansion of personal network i.e. I got a chance to know and meet new people.

Question 06: What is your message to your fellow students in Secondary schools, Colleges, and Universities?

The message that I have to my fellow students in Secondary schools, Colleges, and Universities is that they should work hard enough to make sure that they improve their writing skills regardless of whether they are science, business or arts students. By doing this, will enable them to think and write as Global Scholars while captivating each and every opportunity that passes across their line of sight. Personally, I am a science student but I do learn on how to improve my writing skills since I understand that putting my efforts on this hold up fantastic future returns to my future career.  Look, there is nowhere in the world that they will accept an application letter which does not meet required standards of writing or accepting to hire a Director of a company to someone who doesn’t really have good writing skills to help him/her sending standard emails to clients. Even if you will be a politician, remember there will be a great number of reports that you will need to write. These are just a few to mention to exemplify the essence of writing skills. So I just want to call upon young Tanzanians to nurture their writing skills with an overall goal of making their dreams valid, attainable and realistic. I also call upon each and every scholar to start training themselves regarding their writing skills.

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