Is There An Age Restriction On Becoming A Writer?

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Many people dream of becoming a writer, but as time passes by, they may think that the opportunity has passed them by as well. Here are several reasons why there’s no age restriction on becoming a writer, even if you’re getting started at 93!


Older writers know more

Being a good writer is often about writing truthfully, convincingly, or knowledgeable. All of these characteristics can be improved with life experience. The more you know and the more you have done yourself, the more you can write in a way that really speaks to people.

An example might be your favorite sports team or music group. You can probably share a lot more information on them after following them for decades than a teenager could, simply off the top of your head.


A voice develops with experience

When you write, you are using something that is termed your voice. This is the style in which you express yourself, and it is unique from writer to writer. Some writers can even use other voices in order to become a ghostwriter. When you are young, this voice can often be underdeveloped, immature, and can change often.

As we get older, we can develop our voices even without realizing it. Every time you have ever written something, from an email to a get well soon card, your voice has been growing inside of you. If you start to write now, you may have a much more mature and balanced voice than a younger writer, which may make your work more appealing.


You can be anonymous

In some jobs, appearance is everything. For example, some firms may be cautious to hire older people in advertising positions because they want a youthful and energetic face to do the work. When you write, you don’t have to be seen – and you don’t even have to be yourself.

You can write under a pseudonym and pretend to be a hip young thing if you want, or you can just use a name with no indication of your age. No one will judge you for your age when you start writing, no matter how old you are.


Learning is easy

You don’t have to go back to school to learn how to be a writer. These days, you can learn all of the tricks of the trade online. You can sign up for an online course if you like to receive more formal education, or you can simply read articles about how to do it. Another great way to learn is simply to read popular articles, stories, or blogs to see what styles and techniques are being used. Analyzing what is good about them will help you to bring your work up to scratch too.


It doesn’t have to be full-time

If you are worried about getting started with a writing career because you already have a full-time job, or you are retired, you can put those fears aside. Writing doesn’t have to be a full-time job. You don’t have to have any contract at all but can easily do it informally as a freelancer. You can do as little or as much as you like, depending on the time you have available and how much you want to commit. If it starts to make you good money, then, well, there’s no reason not to switch careers!


Writing is something that you can do at any age, and there are no restrictions on when you start. Experience does help, so the sooner you get started, the better you’ll become.

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