Parts of Speech; Parts of Writing

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1) That's a COMFORTABLE chair.

     That is a TALL building. 


2) The horse runs QUICKLY.

      They EAGERLY finished the project.


3) Those MEN ARE my FRIENDS.

     That MAN IS my FRIEND.


4. THE horse runs quickly.  

     I wish I had A bicycle.


5. I HAVE not had breakfast yet.

     She WAS waiting for her train.


6. That boy is TALLER THAN my son.

      My chemistry book IS MORE INTERESTING THAN my math book.


7. Please meet me at the BUS STOP.

     Our WASHING MACHINE is broken.


8. If water boils, it turns to steam.

    If Maria studies, she will pass the exam.


9. Tom AND Bill are my cousins.  

     I'd like to go, BUT I have to study.


10. Jacob IS STANDING in line.

      They WERE NOT LISTENING to the radio last night.


11. That ISN'T my book.

      Mark WON'T have to work on Saturday.


12. There are four HOUSES on my street.

       Please leave your SHOES outside. 


13. THAT bicycle belongs to my sister.

       You can take THESE bags on the bus.


14. JOE'S apartment is across from mine.

      WHATEVER choice you make, I'm sure it's the right one. 


15. Charles ate SPAGHETTI.

      Wendy kicked THE FOOTBALL. 


16. You WILL RECEIVE your contract tomorrow. 

       Sheila is GOING TO FINISH her project next year.


17. EXPRESSING your opinion is encouraged. 

       Please excuse my SPEAKING so frankly.


18. If you want TO WRITE well, you must practice often.

       Steve was required TO ATTEND the meeting. 


19. I have to LEAVE at ten o'clock. 

       If Maria STUDIES, she will pass the exam.


20. The CHILDREN are playing in the park.

       They say a cat has nine LIVES.


21. We BOUND the papers up with a ribbon.

       Terry FED her pet goldfish.


22. Rice DOESN'T take long to cook.

       There is a pitcher of JUICE on the table.


23. WOULD you like to see a movie?

      Frank CAN visit us tomorrow. 


24. The EAGER students will start their papers soon.

       FIVE new classrooms will be added to campus thia week.


25. If WATER boils, it turns to STEAM.

       If Maria studies, she will pass the EXAM. 


26. HAVING HEARD HER STORY, we felt sympathetic. 

       They have STOPPED work for the day. 


27. He WALKED to the football game.

       Barbara TOOK the bus all last week.


28. I HAVE EATEN in that restaurant three times.

      HAD Susan ever SEEN an opera before? 


29. If you want to find a definition,  LOOK it up in the dictionary. 

       Did you hear about the tiger BROKE OUT of the zoo?


30. There are many BOOKS on my SHELVES.

       Six CHILDREN and four ADULTS are in the room.


31. MARY'S mother works as an attorney.

       The LEADER OF THE COUNTRY is visiting China this week.


32. Please put the plates ON the table.

       Sarah has been standing IN line for an hour. 


33. The sun IS SHINING. 

       My ankle HURTS. 


34. SHE is my sister. 

       Can you give the present to THEM? 


35. DAR ES SALAAM CITY is a beautiful city.

       The math teacher's name is MRS. SCHOLAR.


36. Jack saw HIMSELF in the mirror.  

      Please help YOURSELF.


37. The house THAT my father built is still standing.

       The teacher, WHOSE class begin at nine, is running late.


38. It is critical that you BE on time tomorrow. 

       I suggest that you NOT TAKE the job until you know its hours.


39. The new office building will be THE TALLEST in the city.

        I think that book is THE MOST WONDERFUL story I've read this year. 


40. Nancy WROTE three essays.

       The football player KICKED the ball.


41. The telephone RANG.

       The passengers NEED TO PAY the train fare.


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