How to Register a Domain (With Screenshots) 

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What is a Domain Name?
Domain names function on the internet in a manner similar to a physical address in a physical world. It locates your organization/company or any other entity on the internet. So, your domain name is the key part of your online address and is what your visitors will use to find you easily.
Where to register your domain name?
There are many sites that can help you register your domain name. These are referred to as Domain Registrars. I prefer Namecheap  for my domains. The process of registering a domain name with Namecheap is pretty easy and quick to implement. So, in this tutorial I'll guide you step-by-step how to register your domain with Namecheap  using screenshots. Continue reading after the Ad..

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But first, let's have a look on things to consider before choosing your domain; 
1) You have to create a domain that’s simple to read, simple to say, and simple to remember. A Domain name like / It also helps if it’s easy to type. This is one of the core values of marketing; to be memorable, and simplicity is usually best. So, at any cost make it simple! 
2) The Brand Perspective; Are you aware that you are a brand. Why not branding yourself? For example if your name is Robert Philip then your domain name can be "" 
3) From the legal perspective; Mind you that you cannot use a domain name that is already registered. For example you can't use "", you'll be sued from using a copyrighted name. Never use names of existing brands/companies. That's the reason you need to think before coming up with your domain name
4) From the SEO perspective; Let's say you are registering a site which teaches people how to make money online. Don't use "", Nowadays Exact Match Domains (EMD) no longer help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although there are some sites with same names ranking big and make cool profits on the internet but this used to be a factor way back 2010.
5) Lastly, Domain Extensions; There are handful of them .com, .net, .org, etc. There are other options to consider especially if they work particularly well with your genre or business name. These include .biz, .info, .shop, .photo, .expert, .me, etc. You can see a larger list here. It still sensible to stick to what works, most people's minds refer ".com" domain extension when trying to remember URLs. So, using uncommon one means you are missing out traffic.
Now, Step-by-step; Domain registration process
Step 01: Name search
As I said be creative, most domain names are already taken. Choose the most potential one from your list. Then go to Namecheap and enter your preferred Domain name on the search box. Take an example of; "OnlineMarketingFuture"

It should show you that a domain name is available. Then, add it to cart as shown in below image. 

Note; The price shown is 10.87  but see how I'll reduce it using coupon codes in a moment.

Step 02: Now, look for a coupon code
Domain Registrars 

like Namecheap bonanza at any moment. They offer coupon codes; these are like discounts. These codes will get a certain percentage off from the cost you would pay for a domain name. So, to reduce the cost do some google search and see whether you can grab a coupon code. 
Look I searched for "Namecheap Coupons" and these are the results. 

I clicked on the site indicated and copy pasted the coupon in the promo code section as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 03: Shopping cart review and making payments
In the review step you can; 
-Choose the billing cycle; the number of years you want to pay

-Select Auto renew; you will pay for and renew your domain name automatically. 

-There are other services you might like to add

-Enter and apply the promo code (coupon)

Step 04; Confirm your order and make payment
It's time to confirm the order and make the payment. You see, I used the coupon code that's the reason why the cost lowered to 9.84$ down from 10.87$. Once you pay, your unique domain is ready to use! So, you will need to set up your hosting account so that you can make your site live, up and running. 


What I advise in purchasing a hosting account is; choosing hosting companies that currently offer amazing services with regard to the pace at which technology evolves. I only recommended hosting services which I have personal experiences with. You can click here to view my free guide on how to purchase your hosting account online. Note that; In the tutorial I have shared coupon codes that will give you discount also, and if your hobby is to stay active on social media keeping people updated with latest information on whatever niche you love here is my free book on how to make blogging your career. It is really a helpful book. It'll help you like how it has helped many in the past.
The Conclusion; 
There you possess it friend. Your domain name, from this easy-to-follow guide on how to register a domain and as I explained after you've registered your domain, the remaining work is to purchase a hosting account to make your site alive, up and running. You can look for my recommended web hosting services here and host your brand new website. The world needs your voice NOW! 
Feel free to ask a question, comment, add or share your words below to keep the conversation going.

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