How to Make Your Blogging Pay; The Single Most Important Advice

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My first few months of blogging life, I had one excuse "absent mindedness", that hunts most of today's newbie writers and bloggers! 

    In a number of my books I managed to write here on earth I stress how important it is for writers to make their presence felt online. If you don’t promote yourself, no one is going to do it for you – and one of the best ways of doing it is to write a blog. 

    But it’s not just writers that can benefit from a blog. Lots of businesses, large and small, are using blogs as part of their social media mix to make the public feel that they are more ‘human and approachable’. How well this part of the exercise works, is another matter – one that I’m not going to go into today.
    If you’re interested in how you can make blogging work for you as a writer, then consider signing up to my free Ultimate Guide How to Make Blogging Your Career and Earn Cool Money

    My free tutorial on how to start a blog online is really helpful also. 

    But, as I’ve said earlier, many businesses are now promoting themselves by blogging and they need people to write these posts for them on a regular basis. So, there are paid opportunities out there for writers with the skills they need. 

    I know someone who started off writing about aspects of sports for a local company. He is paid for each post and it’s interesting, not too taxing and certainly supplements his daily life. 

    Small companies (some of your local ones, perhaps?) may need this kind of work doing to boost their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but don’t have staff who are qualified to do it and would be glad to outsource it to a freelance.
    One thing that I can share basing on my experience is that people react better to posts if there is a picture. So, always try to include one. This can be difficult when pictures on the internet are often copyright so you can’t use them without permission. WordPress (one of the major blog hosting sites) has great articles on finding photos and illustrations that are free to use. I’ve been having a good browse through the suggested sites recently and I’d strongly recommend that you do too. It certainly makes life easier and cuts the time you have to spend racking your brains for a suitable image.

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