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Please note that; This post is for any reader who doesn't already have a blog and is looking for an easy tutorial to create a free blog. 

Having a blog grants you online freedom! You can share whatever you want and if you're disciplined you can earn a decent income from your blog! 
There are many free blogging platforms on which you can open your blog. But here at My Writers Bureau I usually advice you to open your blog with wordpress.org. Own your domain and hosting account. Because this is what presents you as a professional in whatever you blog about. Here I'm talking of self-hosted blogs. For more enlightenment you can read about advantages of such blogging platforms here and even more in my free book BLOGGING GEEK

Most newbie writers and bloggers at start cannot afford the self-hosted WordPress Blogs. That's the reason they run to free blogs on Blogspot.com and WordPress.com. You can read more about their disadvantages here

Despite the limitations you see in Blogspot as a beginner you can start learning about blogging on these platforms and later as you advance you may choose to shift into self-hosted blogs. 

I am writing this post for the sake of beginners who waste a lot of their time and money in creating their free blogs. I just wanna better them along the process. 

Before we get into details you probably need to know some few points so that you may get well prepared psychologically.

#1 Blogspot is own by Google. It gives you an opportunity to start a free blog. I will show you how in a moment. But all your images will be hosted by Picasa (Picasa is also part of Google).

#2 If your goal is to look professional in whatever you blog about. If your goal is to make money out of your blog, then I would recommend you go for self-hosted blogs. It's easy and with the help of my top-notch tutorial One or Two you can create your own blog online in 30 minutes or less. 

But if your budget doesn't allow that. No worries, you still have chance. I believe in whatever great dream you plan to pursue in online careers. 


For you to create your free blog go to Blogspot.com and login using your Google account. If you don't have a google (Gmail account) just create one. It's FREE. 

You will see an option to use identity from your Google plus profile or limited Blogspot profile. I would recommend you use Google plus profile. 

Once you get logged in. Click on "new blog".


So, the first step is to add a name and select your domain. You can read more about selecting a good domain in this tutorial

You can use your personal name. Or something you wanna brand. 

Then select a template (This can be changed any time). I recommend you change the template as the default one is usually generic and boring. Go to settings»» Templates and choose your favorite. Click "Create Blog". 

Taa-daah... You just created a free blog on blogspot. 

But wait! 

You are not done yet.

You need to tweak that blog with some few clicks of your mouse to set it up for easy use. 

You are now on Blogspot dashboard below is the image you should see. From there you can go to settings and improve your blog visibility. 

You can click on posts to add your new posts. Create a first post.

But before you go on posting your stuff I would advice you to go in pages and create "About me" so that readers can know you better and relate with what you blog about. 

On this page you can add or remove some things. You can add a "logo" to Blogspot Header. 

Once you have some few posts already and running you can go to settings»» earnings and allow adsense. This is what allows bloggers earn income among many other methods. 

Friend, your blog is almost ready. You can go on adding posts. There are other things I have not covered here. There are things you will get to know better as you walk through your blogging journey! 

I also started blogging on Blogspot blog and later shifted my writing life  on self-hosted blog. If you wanna take a professional route just from the beginning, here is my free guide on how you can start a blog on your own online in 30 minutes or less. 

Did you like this guide? Feel free to share it on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media. It might help someone. 

Do you have anything to ask or you need any help? Leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to help you out for free! 

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