The Favorite Editor Each Writer And Scholar Should Possess

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If you’ve been on this blog for some time, you’ll know I’m a fan of excellently written works.
I’ve advocated cutting cancerous parts from your pieces, shared practical editing tips, suggested writers should get editors, and I even went as far as saying every editor also needs an editor.
But the sad truth is:
Not every writer can find or even afford a professional editor.
You’ll sometimes write a piece very close to the deadline and have no time to refer it to an editor
An (unprofessional) editor could do you a shoddy job and have you believe your piece is now error-free
Good news is: these problems are now solved; GET Grammarly FOR FREE NOW

But What Is Grammarly Exactly

Grammarly is an online tool that helps writers edit their written works. It corrects contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and style.
It’s a premium service. That means you have to pay for it to enjoy the amazing features it provides and give your writing a boost.
But because the taste of the pudding is in the eating, Grammarly has a FREE TRIAL This allows you to test-run it free. After that, you can decide what to do:
» To cancel your account and not pay any fees
» To make payment and continue to enjoy the great features

How To Use Grammarly?
I had thought my writing was error-free. Until I found Grammarly.
Since I’ve discovered Grammarly, when I write a blog post, essay contest entry or even a manuscript, I upload it to Grammarly and have all the pesky errors fished out for me.
Grammarly allows me to create a new document (i.e. copy and paste from MS Word) or upload a file I have earlier saved on my PC in .txt, .doc, .docx or .rtf format.


Once I paste or upload my document, Grammarly swings into action automatically and checks my work, line by line.
Within a few seconds, Grammarly highlights the errors in my work in red color and shows the needed corrections in green color.


For an error, I’m given four options so I can decide how I want to proceed:
1. I can click the correction shown in green color and have Grammarly help me slot it into the document.
2. I can click the small “V” button to see the details of the error and the correction.
3. I can click the small “X” button to ignore the error. This might be useful, for instance, where I use a non-English word and Grammarly highlights it as an error.
4. I can click the “+” button to add the word to my Grammarly account dictionary. Once I do this, Grammarly will never highlight the word as an error again.

I like to read the details of each error first (option two above) and then apply the correction to the document. And if I change my mind about a correction I’ve already applied, I simply click “Undo” and Grammarly does the magic.


Grammarly saves my work each step in the process so that if my PC goes off or something goes wrong, I won’t have to start from scratch again.
After applying all the corrections with simple clicks of the mouse, I can copy the text and paste it back into MS Word or download the document straight away.

Falling In Love With Grammarly
In my writing career, I’ve come across and experimented with many software that aid writing – idea-generating software, writing software, editing software, and proofreading software – and I’ve never been as excited about any of them as I am with Grammarly.
It’s a magical piece of software EVERY WRITER AND SCHOLAR SHOULD POSSESS

If you’re a writer, make it your editor. If you’re a student, use it to get better grades. If you’re a job applicant or contractor, it can make your application stand out. If you’re a blogger, it can make your readers consume your work better. If you’re an author, it can make your publisher love you.
And if you’re a freelance writer or editor, it can make your clients totally fall in love with your works. And you know what that means? A flood of revenue into your bank account.
Grammarly also does not make the assumption that all writings are of the same type. From the dashboard, you have the option to choose the type of writing you want to edit – academic, technical, medical, business, creative or casual – so that Grammarly suggests corrections to refine your work in line with the chosen category.


Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker right from the account dashboard, but I’ve never used this. I hope to use it henceforth to scan guest posts submitted to me, and I’ll let you know if Grammarly does a good job in that regard when I try it.
This plagiarism checker should be especially useful to magazine editors, lecturers and those who hire freelance writers. If you’re one of them, it should help you sift the serious writers from the dubious ones.
That’s it. Grammarly works for me.

Try it for  FREE by clicking HERE

Question: Have you tried Grammarly? Share your experience with others in the comment box below! If not, why not try it for FREE NOW

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